Our teams

By selecting a team below, you are one step closer to the work you love! At Geotab, our teams are crafted to reflect our external brand. As a Geotabber, team titles may change to reflect internal business needs.

The black car is being tested. One geotabber looks at the engine while one guy sits in the car and another at the table looks at the computer.

Embedded Engineering

Connected vehicles are the future of transportation. Help us develop the safest and more efficient solutions.

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Two Geotabbers wearing a blue and black t-shirt facing a computer monitors. Other people are in the background.

Data & Analytics

Develop solutions that enable our customers, partners and internal stakeholders to better leverage data from our big data environment.

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Three Geotabbers attentively working on monitors. One of them is in a green T-shirt, the other two are in blue.

Product & Software Development

Design, test and improve our signature fleet management software. Create seamless products for over 2.5 million subscribers.

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Two girls communicate while sitting in a room with glass walls. A guy in a white T-shirt sits next to the glass room and looks into a laptop..

Technical Operations

Play a critical role in keeping our systems running smoothly. Assess vulnerabilities and maintain security.

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 Four people in black T-shirts walk around the bright room and look at laptops.

Support Operations

Support resellers, Partners and Customers by responding quickly and effectively to requests, while demonstrating readiness against critical disruptions to service.

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Two geotabbers in blue t-shirts sit opposite each other and one extends his hand for a handshake

Customer Care

Ensure an exemplary customer experience is met for all customers globally.

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Two Geotabbers working on laptops. Guy on the left wearing green T-shirt and woman on the right wearing white.


A vibrant ecosystem of integrated software and hardware related products and services that enable Geotab users to extend the value of telematics data throughout their organization.

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Two geotabbers in the office sit across from a man in a black shirt. A woman in a blue suit is looking at a large information screen on the wall.


Dynamic, driven, passionate? Show businesses how telematics technology can improve productivity and safety.

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Three geotabbers sit at a white table. On the wall is a screen on which a video conference with two women.


Use your creative skills to tell the Geotab story and promote our brand around the world. Helping the business to drive leads and meet goals.

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Several geotabbers watch the presentation intently.


This diverse team organizes the people, processes and systems responsible for delivering quality products to end users around the globe.

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Four geotabbers sit at a table and chat. Behind there are huge screens with a lot of information..

People Operations

Build Geotabs business by maximizing the value of human capital and aligning it with company initiatives and values. We put our Geotabbers first! We laugh together, learn together and grow together.

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Two girls in black t-shirts are sitting at the table and chatting. Both girls extended their hands towards the small screen on the table.

Legal & Compliance

Ensure that Geotab has the freedom to innovate and serve the needs of our resellers, customers and partners around the world.

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Lots of geotabbers sit at their desks and work. Several of them are standing and discussing something.


Work with numbers, use problem solving skills and economic analysis to improve key business strategies.

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Four people are discussing something in the office. Everyone is looking at one woman who is telling something.

Solutions Engineering

Utilizing advanced technical knowledge of the Geotab ecosystem to fulfill complex customer requirements in pursuit of strategic sales opportunities.

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