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HR Data Acceptable Use Policy

Geotab’s Human Resources department requires personal data about employment candidates in order to recruit new employees and uses that personal data about employees to manage and serve current and former employees. In all cases, Geotab handles personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Acceptable use of data by Geotab

Geotab collects, stores and uses personal data about its employees, former employees and employment candidates (“HR Data”) to administer the relationship with Geotab, to better understand candidate and employee interactions with Geotab as a means to provide a better experience for candidates and employees. Geotab will also aggregate and analyze HR Data to evaluate and improve internal operations, as well as to monitor Geotab’s practices in regards to diversity and inclusion efforts to provide fair and equal opportunity to all.

Geotab uses the information that it collects from employment candidates in order to determine their suitability for employment with Geotab, and to administer the recruitment process. We may retain the information in order to contact an unsuccessful candidate about future employment opportunities with Geotab that may suit the candidate.

Geotab uses the information it collects about employees, including information collected during the recruitment process before an employee was hired at Geotab in order to administer the employment relationship. Examples of such administration include but are not limited to benefits administration, performance evaluation, emergency contact and compensation administration. In some cases, Geotab will use the information it collects about employees to direct communication to certain subsets of Geotab employees, such as for diversity and inclusion initiatives. Geotab will always provide employees with the opportunity to opt out of such uses.

Geotab stores HR Data for as long as necessary to administer the employment or candidate relationship, with the exception relating to candidate data specified above. Geotab will also store HR Data for as long as required to comply with legal requirements and Geotab’s Records Management Policy and Retention Schedule.   

How Geotab collects data

Geotab will collect personal data a candidate volunteers at the time of application to a position; this data is most often volunteered by entering it into our Careers portal. Over the course of a recruitment process additional information is collected and documented. Geotab employees will provide additional personal information upon commencement of employment and as they are eligible for subsequent Geotab programs such as private medical insurance. Geotab also generates new information about employees relating to the employment relationship throughout the course of the relationship through things like performance evaluations, administration of company programs and benefits. Geotab staff also have the opportunity to volunteer personal information as part of internal company surveys and questionnaires or joining Geotab clubs and participating in Geotab events.

What data Geotab collects

HR Data can be any data that is relevant to the relationship between Geotab and the employee or candidate, or any data that the employee or candidate discloses to Geotab outside the normal context of the relationship. In accordance with Geotab’s general Privacy Policy, the Human Resources department at Geotab takes great efforts to maintain the privacy and security of HR Data.

Data collected includes but is not limited to:

  • Identification data
  • Such as legal name, date of birth, social security number/social insurance number
  • Contact information
  • Such as email address, home address and phone number
  • Data regarding qualifications and interview questions/responses
  • Such as resume, proof of education
  • Likes and interests
  • Such as clothing sizes
  • Data to verify and complete third party background checks (as permitted by local law)
  • Such as previous employment history, work permits (please review Canada & US policies for additional information)
  • Tax related or other financial information
  • Such as income in addition to Geotab
  • Logs of Geotab system use
  • Such as Google Workspace events
  • Health data
  • Such as allergies, workplace injury details
  • Protected class data (if volunteered)
  • Such as ethnicity, veteran status, diversity related information

Who does Geotab share data with

Geotab will not use personal data for any reason that is prohibited by law, or is inconsistent with our Privacy Policy or this document.

Geotab will not release or sell personal information outside of the organization, other than to service providers under contract with Geotab to help administer the employment relationship with Geotab, comply with contractual and legal obligations, or fulfill the acceptable uses set out in this policy.

HR Data security at Geotab

All HR Data is stored in Geotab’s instance of Google Cloud Platform, and is subject to Geotab’s Role Based Access Control (RBAC) architecture to ensure that only Geotabbers that need to access HR Data can do so. This is part of Geotab’s Technological and Organizational Data Security Measures Statement, which governs all data that Geotab processes.  Human Resources employees are trained on what they can and can’t do with HR Data. Aggregated data is processed and stored in Geotab’s Data Analytics environment (currently Google’s BigQuery analytics solution) in accordance with the principles laid out in Geotab’s Data Analytics policy that is applicable to customer data.

HR Data is retained until it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected, or as long as required by law, whichever is longer. Unsuccessful employment candidates and former employees can request removal or correction of their HR Data from our systems by contacting Current Geotab employees can request a summary of what HR Data Geotab has about them and request deletion of HR Data that is no longer needed. Geotab reserves the right to determine what HR Data is needed in its sole discretion.

In the unlikely event of a security incident, Geotab will follow procedures set in the Company’s Incident Response Program to assess, analyze and respond to the incident. This program’s embedded self improvement mechanisms serve to continuously advance processes and tools to measurably improve Geotab’s security posture.

Geotab may make changes to this policy from time to time. In the event of changes to the policy Geotab will post an updated policy on our website. The updated policy will become effective as of the date stated in the policy and following any additional steps Geotab may be required to take under applicable law.

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