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High School Outreach Program

About Geotab’s High School Outreach Program

The High School Outreach Program is designed to provide high school students a glimpse into the world of working at a leading technology company, while introducing students to different STEM career options at Geotab.

We have Geotab Campus ambassadors who receive formal training and materials to take on their visit to high schools in the GTA and Waterloo regions where they will deliver a presentation to a selected class. These ambassadors display a strong understanding of our company culture and are prepared to answer questions about Geotab and share their experience as a Geotab intern.

High School Outreach Program launch: Fall 2023.


This program is active in the Fall and Winter semesters as follows:


 Mid-October - Early December


 Mid-February - Mid-April

Contact Information

If you’re an educator or administrator seeking additional information on how a Geotab Campus Ambassador can visit your high school, please reach out tocampusteam@geotab.com

DEI Scholarship

Scholarship Description

The Geotab Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Engineering Scholarship provides higher education assistance to two Black and/or Indigenous students who are Canadian Permanent Residents, seeking to motivate under-represented students who are pursuing an engineering or technology career.


High school students graduating (with a graduating average of 85 percent or higher) who identify as Black and/or Indigenous, are a Canadian Permanent Resident and are entering their first year of a full-time STEM field undergraduate program.

How to Apply

Please complete the followingapplication form. If you have any questions, please contact corpcomms@geotab.com

The Brandon Walli “Phones Down, Eyes Up” Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Description

The Phones Down, Eyes Up campaign was initiated in honor of Brandon Walli. Sadly, Brandon lost his life at the age of 23 while crossing the road in 2016. It was thought that he had been texting and walking at the time. Brandon’s father, Tom Walli, and Geotab now host an annual free concert, Phones Down, Eyes Up, and informational event to shed light on managing device distraction in everyday life.

Donations collected at the Phones Down, Eyes Up benefit concert will go towards the scholarship and Geotab will match the amount raised. This scholarship is open to students globally that are graduating from a secondary school.

Geotab concert. Girl in the blue shirt is singing on the stage.


This scholarship is open to students globally. If you wish to apply, you must be graduating high school and attend a post secondary school in the music and arts stream.


If you are interested in applying, you will be required to write a 500 word minimum essay. The questions will be sent to you once you apply for further guidance.

If you are interested in learning more about the Phones Down, Eyes Up Scholarship, please visitscholartree.ca

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